It’s all about the light… | Melbourne Wedding Photographer

While looking up some information on sunset times for a photo shoot of a series of buildings I am doing, I thought…this is valuable information I should share with my wedding clients. 

Lighting is an extemely important factor to photography. Some which we can control (flash etc), some which we can’t (the sun).  It is very important that when you plan your wedding, that you utilise the best light for your photographs.  You do not want to be doing your photo session in the dark, because using only flash, is very unflattering.

The best time to take photographs is generally the couple of hours leading up to sunset and about half hour affter.  If you book Lizzy C Photography I am of course here to advise you on how to best utilise the available light.  We can also arrange the locations so as to use the best light available at the time at each location.  This is something we can experiment with during your included e-session, prior to the wedding.

This is a good starting guide which indicates sunset/sunrise times at different times of the year.



Gift certificates

Some people are just hard to buy gifts for. I like to always give gifts that are thoughtful and I usually don’t feel gift certificates fit this category. However, I think there are exceptions…I’ve been know to give my fiance gift certificates to coffee school, spitfire flights and canoeing. I think my gift certificates fit the “exception” category. They can be tailored to exactly what you’d like to give and are redeemable for six months.  An extra little perk is that don’t include the cost, just the prints or session that the receiver is entitled to. See example.

Gift certificate example

Gift certificate example

This is a gift certificate example. This example is valued at $220, however gift ceritficates can be tailored to any value.

What Do I Wear?

Clients often ask me what to wear to a portrait session. My answer is: Your favourite outfit!

Pick something that you would normally wear and be comfortable in.We want to capture your personality, so I want you to feel comfortable and relaxed as this is when we get the best photographs!

So if you usually wear bright red shoes, wear bright red shoes. If you wear black, wear black.

My only limitation is that it is best to avoid large logos or distinct patterns as they can be a bit distracting. When it comes to photographing kids, a few options for variety is always a good idea. Bring along the fairy wings or the superman costume if that is your child’s favourite outfit.

If you are still unsure of what to wear please don’t hesitate to contact me.