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Ami’s photos | Melbourne Baby Photographer

Baby Ami didn’t mind having her photo taken at all. Actually she was more interested in looking at the camera and the flash, which she found fascinating!  The photo session might have been a bit tiresome though, as after a little while she had a little grumble and was quickly rocked to sleep!

baby photo







J & T | Melbourne Portrait Photographer


Valentine’s Day Note:

Looking for a valentine’s gift with a difference? A portrait session of you both, could be just that!

Family photos, Melbourne.

I’ll be back on track with blog posts now that the festive season is over and I’m back in the country. Keep checking back to see where I was and what I was doing.

In the meantime these are some family photographs of the lovely Robinson family.









Sandy & Oliver’s portrait photo session… with snowy! {Melbourne family photographer}

I often get asked if people can include their pet in their photo session. And I always answer: Of course, why not?!  So when Sandy & Oliver mentioned that their dog snowy was like their baby, it seemed not fair to include him in their photo session!
Sandy and Oliver run a web development company called webfolio.  This includes working with small businesses to develop awesome websites. 
They were great fun to photograph and real naturals in front of the camera! 
The following photos are a small preview from their session.

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Oliver, Sandy and Snowy taking a walk

Oliver, Sandy and Snowy taking a walk


Oliver, Sandy and Snowy

Oliver, Sandy and Snowy

Snowy in his cool coat

Snowy in his cool coat

Annette’s birthday family photo session {Melbourne Children’s photographer}

Annette’s friends got together and gave her one of my photo session gift certificates for her birthday. How thoughtful are Annette’s friends!? So last weekend I photographed Annette and her family. Her two girls are absolutely adorable and even though Eloise’s word of the minute is ‘no’, I got some great cheeky photographs of her. 

So here is a sneak peak from their session:





How cute are kids when they are playing?